Tributes & Memorials

The Leadership Oklahoma Tributes and Memorials program allows donations in the name of a living or deceased friend or family member for any occasion. Honor someone special, a special occasion or the memory of a loved one or friend by making a donation to Leadership Oklahoma.

In Memory

The loss of a single person of fine character and positive achievement is one too many.  This is dedicated to those who have demonstrated their commitment to leadership but are no longer with us to help guide the way.

*Indicates a memorial or tribute gift was made to Leadership Oklahoma in honor of the individual listed.

Indicates deceased Lifetime Member

Marilyn Andrews, Class IX

Scott Andrews, Class XVII

Leonard Ball, Class II

Jerry Bayliss, Class XV

Donald L. Betz*

Pete Bass, Class XX*

Liz Beaty, Class XI

Virginia Bowman*

Ranell Brown, Class XX*

Larry Brummett, Class I

Betty Burgess*

Bill Burgess, Class IX

Jerry Carroll, Class VIII*

Cheri Cartwright, Class XVI

Jim Cochran, Class XVII

Vaughn Conrad, Class VIII*

Edward H. Cook II, Class VI

Larry Dickerson, Class X

Mike Dickinson, Class II

Tom Dulaney, Jr., Class X*

Chip Edmunds, Class XXVII

Becky Felts, Class XVII

Raymond Foutch*

Jay Galt, Class V*

Mike Garner, Class VII

Buck Gay, Class VIII*

Danney Goble, Class VI

Bruce Gray, Class V*

Claudia Griffith, Class 30

Jack Griffith*

Victor Guarry, Class 31

George Hall*

Brett Hamm, Class XIX

Jack Hammer*

Antoinette Harrison, Class X

William Charles Harrison*

John Hartman, Class VI

Wayne Hill, Class XI

Paul Hitch, Class VI*

Jim Hromas, Class VI

Rodney Huey, Class XVIII*

Patricia Hughes, Class I

John Hugon, Class III

Bill Humphry, Class I*

Bernie Jackson, Class V

Judy Knott*

Mona Salyer Lambird,Class X

Everett and Lucille Laughin*

Shelia Lee, Class XVII*

Dwight Leonard*

Mary Evelyn Leonard*

Frank Lewis, Class VI

Liz Lewis, Class III

Theodoll Magness, Class V*

Don Marlar, Class X*

Louise Maynard*

Jack Mildren, Jr., Class II*

Ellen Millard, Class I

Kathleen Miller, Class VIII*

Sarah Mussett, Class IX

Brad Naifeh, Class XVII

Herb Pate II, Class II

Ramona Paul, Class VI

Bill Pennington, Class XIX*

Hedley Prout, Class XV*

Jerry Purintun, Class VII

Brian Rader, Class XI

Madeline Ross*

Dick Rush, Class I

Laura Salkow, Class III

B.M. Salyer*

Joy Schomp, Class V

Tracy Shirley, Class XIX*

Greg Smith, Class XXIV

Barbara Staggs, Class VI

Norm Stevens, Class XVI*

Isaiah Lee Stone*

laudia Tarrington, Class III

Mickey Thompson, Class X

Mike Thralls, Class I

George Todd, Jr.*

Robert Todd, Class XI

Opio Toure, Class XII

Sandy Trudgen, Class XIV

Michael Turner, Class XXI

Denny Tuttle, Class XVI

James Warn, Class I

Stan White, Class I

Justin Whitefield, Class XVI

Juanita Williams, Class XIII

Stephen Williamson, Class XX

Don Betz, Class III*

Tom Knott, Class XII*

Steve Brown, Class VIII*

VIcki Stone*

What's Happening

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