"The experience was beyond expectation. The people I met in the class are incredible, each with their own talents and strengths. It was interesting to see leadership from this widely varied perspective. I never left a session without feeling deep admiration for the passion and depth of knowledge demonstrated by my peers. Also, I think the communities of Oklahoma have much to be proud of, each one with its unique character. I think every Oklahoman needs to travel to the far reaches of our state to better appreciate where we come from. This state has a lot going for it! All in all, I would do it again in a heartbeat. Veritas LOK XXIX!" -Wayne McMillin, Class XXIX.



LOK Ambassadors

Welcome to Leadership Oklahoma’s Ambassador Program!  Being selected as a Class or Regional Ambassador is a testament to the leadership qualities that make our membership invaluable.  The Ambassadors are tasked to promote on-going relationships among the entire membership.  In addition to communicating with the classes or regions they represent, they are charged with planning and executing some informative, issue-oriented programs and social interaction.  

Thank you to each of the Ambassadors for their dedication and commitment.  LOK continues to be successful because of its members.


2016-2017 LOK Ambassadors

Class I (1987-88)
Martha Burger
Class XI(1997-98)
Rex Smitherman
Class XXI (2007-08)
Chris Kenney

Class II (1988-89)
Ken Moore
Class XII (1998-99)
Melinda Johnson
Class XXII (2008-09)
Karen Hudson

Class III (1989-90)
Tanya Case
Class XIII(1999-00)
Carolyn Stager
Class XXIII (2009-10)
Ann Caine

Class IV (1990-91)
Kaye Steele-Harrod
Class XIV (2000-01)
Sandy Pratt
Class XXIV (2010-11)
Marcy Price

Class V (1991-92)
Eileen Leonard
Class XV (2001-02)
Cristy Morrison – Chair
Class XXV (2011-2012)
Kathy Potts

Class VI (1992-93)
Tony Zahn – Past Chair
Class XVI (2002-03)
Monica Neal
Class XXVI (2012-2013)
Jessica Pfau

Class VII (1993-94)
Nancy Parrott
Class XVII(2003-04)
Lana Reynolds
Class XXVII (2013-2014)
Jim Scott

Class VIII (1994-95)
Richard Cudjo
Class XVIII (2004-05)
Teresa Burkett
Class XXVIII (2014-2015)
Michelle Hardesty

Class IX (1995-96)
Pat Andersen-Robertson
Class XIX (2005-06)
Kerry Alexander
Class XXIX (2015-2016)
Kristin Daffern
Dan Molina
Class X(1996-97)
Sammye Cravens
Class XX(2006-07)
Samonia Byford – Chair-Elect


Regional Ambassadors

Mikhael Reed

Deena Fisher
Michele Campbell

Matthew Mollman 


LOK Ambassador Leadership

Cristy Morrison (Class XV)  

Tony Zahn (Class VI) 
Past Chair 

Beth Kerr (Class XXV)
Past Chair