"Going through Leadership Oklahoma is an eye-opening experience to the diversity of our state. From Guymon to Broken Bow, we heard similar themes by our host communities and its residents. Our people define the "Oklahoma Standard" by their grit of endurance and tenacity to overcome obstacles or challenges that faced them. Taking the time to listen, collaborate and compromise will lead Oklahoma toward its greatest days ever!" -- Lyle L. Roggow, Duncan, Duncan Area Economic Development Foundation, Class 30 and Lifetime Member.


LOK Ambassadors

Welcome to Leadership Oklahoma’s Ambassador Program!  Being selected as a Class or Regional Ambassador is a testament to the leadership qualities that make our membership invaluable.  The Ambassadors are tasked to promote on-going relationships among the entire membership.  In addition to communicating with the classes or regions they represent, they are charged with planning and executing some informative, issue-oriented programs and social interaction.  

Thank you to each of the Ambassadors for their dedication and commitment.  LOK continues to be successful because of its members.


2017-2018 LOK Ambassadors

Class I (1987-88)
Martha Burger
Class XI(1997-98)
Rex Smitherman
Class XXI (2007-08)
Chris Kenney

Class II (1988-89)
Ken Moore
Class XII (1998-99)
Melinda Johnson
Class XXII (2008-09)
Mike Coats

Class III (1989-90)
Tanya Case
Class XIII(1999-00)
Carolyn Stager
Class XXIII (2009-10)
Ann Caine

Class IV (1990-91)
Nancy Leonard
Class XIV (2000-01)
Sandy Pratt
Class XXIV (2010-11)
Marcy Price

Class V (1991-92)
Eileen Leonard
Class XV (2001-02)
Cristy Morrison – Past-Chair
Class XXV (2011-2012)
Kathy Potts

Class VI (1992-93)
Tony Zahn
Class XVI (2002-03)
Monica Neal
Class XXVI (2012-2013)
Jessica Pfau

Class VII (1993-94)
Nancy Parrott
Class XVII(2003-04)
Lana Reynolds
Class XXVII (2013-2014)
Jim Scott

Class VIII (1994-95)
Richard Cudjo
Class XVIII (2004-05)
Joe Dorman
Class XXVIII (2014-2015)
Kathleen Patton

Class IX (1995-96)
Pat Andersen-Robertson
Class XIX (2005-06)
Kerry Alexander
Class XXIX (2015-2016)
Dan Molina
Class X(1996-97)
Sammye Cravens
Class XX(2006-07)
Samonia Byford – Chair
Class 30 (2016-2017)
James Bost
Farooq Karim


Regional Ambassadors

Mikhael Reed

Deena Fisher
Michele Campbell

Matthew Mollman 


LOK Ambassador Leadership

Samonia Byford (Class XX)  

Lana Reynolds (Class XVII) 

Cristy Morrison (Class XV)
Past Chair