"The experience was beyond expectation. The people I met in the class are incredible, each with their own talents and strengths. It was interesting to see leadership from this widely varied perspective. I never left a session without feeling deep admiration for the passion and depth of knowledge demonstrated by my peers. Also, I think the communities of Oklahoma have much to be proud of, each one with its unique character. I think every Oklahoman needs to travel to the far reaches of our state to better appreciate where we come from. This state has a lot going for it! All in all, I would do it again in a heartbeat. Veritas LOK XXIX!" -Wayne McMillin, Class XXIX.



Our Mission & Vision
Oklahoma leaders making Oklahoma the leader.

To create, inspire and support a dynamic network of leaders whose increased awareness and commitment to service will energize Oklahomans to shape Oklahoma's future.

Beliefs and Values
Leadership Oklahoma will hear and answer the call to service. Its members will be passionate about Oklahoma and committed to its future. Members of Leadership Oklahoma will challenge the status quo because they believe that Leadership Oklahoma should play a significant role in helping Oklahoma achieve its ever-growing potential. As a result of their contributions, Leadership Oklahoma will help Oklahoma sustain a strong diversified economy, provide quality career opportunities for its citizens and create an increasingly attractive quality of life.

Leadership Oklahoma will foster change through a network of diverse leaders. Leadership Oklahoma will offer an enlightened perspective of the challenges and opportunities facing the state. Through outreach and collaboration, members of Leadership Oklahoma will engage others in support of common goals. Leadership Oklahoma members are expected to be persistent, informed, and involved leaders in the state, embracing a common vision and serving as catalysts to build Oklahoma's future.


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